Saturday, 3 March 2012

Results for 'Which error handling method do you prefer'; new poll

Thanks to all 59 of you who voted (wow! That's a lot of developers). The results were:

  18 (30%)
  41 (69%)

For the next poll, which up and coming roguelike (-like) are you the most looking forward to at the moment? I've deliberately picked games which are on the unconventional side; this isn't intended to be a JADE versus the next Incursion poll. Links to the games will be in the next post.


omeg said...

I prefer "Crash early, crash hard" approach ;)

omeg said...

I prefer "Crash early, crash hard" approach ;)

Kdansky said...

Why do you make a poll on that? Trying to figure out how many of your readers don't know how to code properly=

Sir Yobgod Ababua the Handless said...

I'm shocked at the results, actually.

There's been a good series of blog posts on Gamasutra recently on error handling and, in general, Assert is nearly always preferable to Try/Catch, for multiple reasons.

Arrival said...

Kdansky True man. So many votes and no comment on that.

There should be 3rd option in that pool. :)