Monday, 30 July 2012

A supra genre

I'd like to introduce a new term which covers the roguelike genre as well as many roguelike-likes: rougelikes.

A rougelike is a game that features one or more gender ambiguous individuals who go into the ground looking for treasure. Popular rougelikes include Dwarf Fortress, the Binding of Isaac, SpelunkyMinecraft and the Legend of Zelda, as well as most roguelikes.

Hopefully this new encompassing genre will help deal with the accusations of elitism which the roguelike genre has been previously faced with.


GMLscripts said...

Nice! Next time I typo "rougelike" I'll have a reference to defend myself.

Joseph said...

The roguelike game Powder was named because of this frequent typo.

Rouge is something ladies put on their face, it's a powder.

I know you know this. More people should know this. :-)