Friday, 13 July 2012

Steam Summer Sale: Day 1

What I've bought:

The Legend of Grimrock - hard to argue about 60% off such a recent release
A Valley without Wind - 40% off and version 1.2 has gone live. I'll try to suffer the programmer art now the game systems seem to be fixed. Apparently this is going to be included in one of the Indie packs later on in the week, but I've picked it up now.

What you may have missed:

Dark Messiah Might and Magic - 75% off to $2.49 USD. If you are at all excited about the Dishonoured release later in the year, you should play this game at this price to see if the first person melee combat and not really an RPG mechanics gel for you. Just imagine you're 12 and playing D&D for the first time when it comes to the story. My review.

What I already own:

E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy - 60% off. This will be either bat shit insane or brilliant. I've only just started playing it, but it feels like a hallucinogenic palate cleanser to my recent attempts at playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Batman: Arkham Asylum, both of which I abandoned, on account of them not being very good. Demo also out.


Brian Jeffears said...

E.Y.E. is a thing of rare quality, the sort of thing that one would've hoped we'd be seeing tons of all throughout these past years in terms of oozing character and/or madness. The latest round of Mega-patching and free DLC has revived it on up to fresh heights and it is perhaps the most jarring endorsement/example of the old Source engine at work thus far. Nothing but good things would come of the team somehow getting to collaborate on the new Shadowrun game....that or something that further explores, in English, their P&P setting from which the game is largely derived.

Andrew Doull said...

I'm a massive fan of the Source engine, and there is a surprisingly high ratio of third party games using it which I have genuinely enjoyed (

E.Y.E. is a pretty tough game to get into though: my biggest issue so far has been the semi-random remapping of weapon selection keys if you pick up anything. And the lore...