Tuesday, 2 October 2012

UnBrogue 1.0.5 released

Mac OSX + source. Windows + source.

This release fixes all outstanding issues and to do list items, however could do with a little bit more testing before being considered a stable release.

Changes for 1.0.5

- Prevent a player from killing themselves by wielding an enchanted weapon of Transference they lack the strength to use. (Reported by tinyrodent).
- Prevent sparks from [spoiler] causing slow down and visual bugs during playback.
- Correctly calculate shield gold value.
- Allow shields and talismans to be called something, instead of crashing. (Reported by tinyrodent).
- Potion of winds do not help other gases spread.
- Added 3 more machine rooms.
- Talismans generated as rewards will not be cursed (Requested by tinyrodent).
- Fix scroll of duplication messages.
- Prevent scrolls of duplication from duplicating themselves (Reported by multiple people).
- Prevent scrolls of enchantment from enchanting [spoiler].

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