Saturday, 29 September 2012

UnBrogue 1.0.4 released

OS X + source. Windows + source.

Changes for 1.0.4

- Wearing an uncursed but unknown item marks it as not cursed.
- Fix drop message when you drop one item from a stack. (Reported by tinyrodent).
- Remove debugging code which made one type of machine room far too frequent.
- Fix sparks so that they don't have a directional bias. (Reported by tinyrodent).
- Fix [spoiler] machines so that exits are not blocked.
- Fix crash caused by staff of reflection (Reported by autoquark).

To do list - some user interface clean up stuff:
- Sparks mess up recordings when emitted by [spoiler].
- Potion of duplication can duplicate itself. This is a UI bug/very slight exploit has a high(ish) risk fix.
- Talismans can be enchanted when [spoiler].

Unconfirmed, works fine for me and haven't been able to duplicate:
- Food isn't being created as frequently as possible, or regeneration is too slow.
Please drop a note in the comments if you see any other bugs or are experiencing either of the unconfirmed issues, as I'd love to get these fixed or confirmed as working fine.

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