Friday, 21 September 2012

UnBrogue 1.0.2 release candidate (OS X)

UnBrogue 1.0.2 Mac OS X version including source code can be downloaded here.

This is a release candidate for the next stable release. I've not had a chance to test it extensively, but given that it fixes a crash bug in 1.0.1 and earlier versions, at a risk of introducing new bugs I'm releasing this now for early adopters. Once I've had a chance to test for a couple of days, I'll either be making this the next stable version or releasing a 1.0.3.

Changes for 1.0.2

- Made [spoiler] dormant in [spoiler].
- Monsters summoned by staffs of summoning do not now provide experience if the staff is identified. (Exploit identified by Autoquark).
- If you left a level after [spoiler] and returned, visible [spoiler] were not updating correctly.
- Fix typo in ring of wizardry. (Reported by Autoquark).
- Fixed build in wall features within machines which require line of sight to origin so they can't be generated on the 'near' or concave walls without FOV going through interior of machine.
- Weapons of slaying will always hit the monsters they are vorpal towards and [spoiler] have a 100% chance to [spoiler]. (Requested by tinyrodent).
- [spoiler] does not make [spoiler] discordant. (Inspired by Autoquark and a bug in an earlier build).
- Allow [spoiler] to be enchanted. (Reported by Autoquark).
- Wind disperses other gases a lot faster.
- Fixed potion of water interactions with [spoiler].
- Added 3 platformer machine rooms to get much needed indie credibility.
- Fixed potions of (null), potions of crash appearing. (First reported by Dr Science, detailed analysis by Patashu).
- Fixed some machine puzzles which require line of sight between components other than to the origin. (Confirming with Pender whether this is worth upstreaming to brogue. It's a lot of code for a 1 machine room).
- Prevented potions of water getting items out of cages. (Reported by tinyrodent).
- Fixed wind [spoiler] description. (Reported by Autoquark).
- [spoiler] generated on the floor instead of the [spoiler] when you need to [spoiler] an item. (Reported by tinyrodent).
- Change one reward in [spoiler] rooms to 2 scrolls of [spoiler] from 2 potions of [spoiler].
- Workaround for dormant [spoiler] in [spoiler] not correctly activating when [spoiler].
- Slight tweaks to item rarities to bring them completely in line with Brogue rarities: adjusted by reducing the frequency of gold drops by 8%. (Requested by no_signal, tinyrodent, ggoDeye).
- Rings of wizardry, alchemy, accuracy no longer provide any benefit at +0 (Reported by Autoquark).

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