Sunday, 23 September 2012

UnBrogue 1.0.3 released

UnBrogue 1.0.3 has been released. OS X + source, Windows + source. Let me know in the comments if you're able to compile a Linux version.

Changes for 1.0.3

- Add Talisman of Spiders.
- Fix healing so that Talisman of Shadows prevents your darkened state from being completely removed.
- Fix bug preventing talismans from being enchanted.
- Altered talisman relative frequencies to make the most useful talismans appear more often.
- Ensured every machine room has solution available on the same level.
- Added [spoiler] which can be manufactured with [spoiler].
- Add 3 machine rooms which use [spoiler].
- Lightning which hits a target standing in water causes the lightning bolt to ground: creating up to 6 sparks which randomly travel from the target to nearby conductive grids with the bolt damage divided between them. A conductive grid either contains water, metallic terrain such as iron manacles and chains or a monster (or the player) which is not flying or levitating, and sparks will travel through up to two non-conductive grids to get to a conductive grid.


Joseph said...

Hey you are really hitting this hard. I like it. You beat the game and now you just have to go mess with it huh? I do the same thing. :-)

Andrew Doull said...

I think I'm pretty much wrapping up. I'll do one more bug fix release as there are a couple of bugs that I've found, and I don't anticipate adding much more, if anything, on the feature side of things.