Thursday 6 December 2012

Achievement unlocked

Recommend a favourite roguelike to hosts of all podcasts on the Idle thumbs network within one week. (From 1:12:40. Caveat: This is only an email I submitted being read out on air, about which I am perhaps unnecessarily excited.)


Dave said...

Noxico... no wait Seduction Quest. I'm just kidding- although it would make for an interesting if heated discussion.

Joseph said...

"And also you should play Brogue at some point."


Interesting how Brogue has really become the ambassador. I'd go further and say it's the quintessential modern roguelike, but that might be my personal bias.

It's definitely the ambassador.

Andrew Doull said...

I recommend it because it is the simplest roguelike I know to start playing (Although the recent Star Wars roguelike is a better introduction to non-roguelikers).

It seems to have got its claws into Troy Goodfellow... although he makes the classic mistake of thinking it is a simple game.