Sunday 16 December 2012

Which up and coming roguelike (like) are you looking forward to the most; new poll

Thanks to all 36 of you who voted. New poll coming shortly. This one had been hanging around long enough that most of the games on the list ended up getting released before I made the results post.

  5 (13%)
Borderlands 2
  9 (25%)
Diablo III
  14 (38%)
  10 (27%)
Minicraft 2, or whatever Notch decides to call it
  1 (2%)
Mysterious Castle
  2 (5%)
Red Rogue
  0 (0%)
Spelunky XBLA
  11 (30%)
The Archive
  0 (0%)
The Occult Chronicles
  5 (13%)
Unnamed Team Meat Project
  5 (13%)
Unnamed Terry Cavanagh Tigjam UK Project
  3 (8%)
Wrath of the Lamb
  5 (13%)
Other (add in the comments)
  3 (8%

1 comment:

Joseph said...

Pretty sure I voted for Diablo III only to be completely and utterly disappointed. The money grab just totally ruined the game. Sucks.

I just got a gamepad yesterday so as to truly give Wrath a try. Expect no more comments from me for at least 48 hours. :-)