Tuesday 26 August 2008

Brainworks: Sitting on the Fence

By far and away the best game AI blog I read on a regular basis is Brainworks, by Ted Vessenes. BrainWorks is also a Quake 3 mod that Ted worked on for developing a realistic AI - that is an AI that plays like a real person would. This is in itself a complex problem - the vast majority of bots in games haven't had the development time and thought put in to get to this level of simulation. Whereas Brainworks bots look realistic even when you see their game play from their point of view.

There is something special about reading a blog by someone who has got inside a particular problem domain and really worked through the decisions and compromises required to get the problem solved. I hope with the Unangband game design articles that I'm doing a little bit of the same for you.

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Unknown said...

Hey looks cool. Thanks. :')