Thursday, 14 August 2008

Disappointed in the KGB

The first Team Fortress 2 Heavy weapon has been released: The Killing Gloves of Boxing. It makes attempting to melee as a heavy 'useful', but I'm disappointed that they are not choosing to re-use existing sandwich assets.

But wait. What's this 'Don't Touch Sandvich' amidst the Russian themed achievements? I'm intrigued...

[Edit: It looks like the sandwich is going in to replace the shotgun. And further speculation here.]

[Edit 2: No one has speculated on something I suspect will be the case with the heavy update, which is that they'll give the base heavy minigun an ability that they can then 'take away' from the alternate weapon.

I suspect, based on the above evidence, that this ability will be to destroy stickies - either placed or in flight. This may also be extended to rockets and/or grenades.

This gives the HWG an increased measure of defense against Demos (and maybe soldiers), while still leaving his vulnerability to snipers, spies and pyros with Backburner intact.]

[Edit 3: I reckon it'll be a pistol/sandwich combo. Having a pistol allows the heavy to have a long range weapon, plus gives the ability of the heavy to take out turrets/snipers on their own. The sandwich may be a taunt animation as suggested by some guy called Robin in the comments section here].

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Andrew Doull said...

I'm now predicting a mini-gun with a rear view mirror.