Thursday 28 August 2008

Results for 'What would help you contribute to the Procedural Generation wiki'; new poll

Thanks to the 27 of you who voted, and those of you contributing to the wiki. The results were enlightening:

Media wiki syntax
1 (3%)
More examples
9 (33%)
More content
8 (29%)
Allow anonymous page creation
2 (7%)
More publicity
0 (0%)
More community
5 (18%)
Less advertising
1 (3%)
Less overlap with wikipedia
4 (14%)
Not interested
8 (29%)
Don't have the time
10 (37%)
2 (7%)

Next poll is one I run on a semi-regular basis to get a feeling for whether I'm on the money or slowing losing my readership...

What articles have you enjoyed or found useful on Ascii Dreams? I've also included work from the column 'The Amateur' I occasionally contribute to GameSetWatch.

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