Tuesday 9 December 2008

Angband portable update

It looks like First Age Angband on the Nintendo DS is coming along strong: you'll probably want to look at the thread on the angband.oook.cz forums, which includes some good screenshots (and some terrible ones: Nick, what were you thinking?) and then head off to the download page, provided of course you have the right hardware to allow you to play homebrew games.

This comes hot on the heels of the original Rogue being ported to the iPhone. To port Angband to the iPhone will require moving or recreating the Mac port from the Carbon to Cocoa API as pointed out in this thread. Luckily, there is one Cocoa port already available.

The real challenges as Nick McConnell points out are handling the reduced screen size and alternate interface. He's handled most of the issues in FAAngband, which along with the Windows CE port is the best place to get your Angband portable gaming fix at the moment.

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Nick said...

Well, since you ask, I was thinking that a lousy screenshot is better than no screenshot at all. I know, not much better.
I should point out, too, that I haven't done much of the work for these ports. The Windows CE coding was all done by Si Griffin - I just made changes to the main codebase to provide stuff he needed. For the DS I did a minimal port to get it to run, and Michael Smith has done (and is still doing) all the work to make it actually playable.