Monday 15 December 2008

Pathfinding Redux

There is an ongoing discussion in the comments of the recent pathfinding post I did that you may want to read. Or contribute to for that matter.

The point I was making was that there can be so many complications to try to get pathfinding right, that you are probably better off coming up with a simple solution that works most of the time (such as making monsters always advance) than trying to capture all of the complexity aiming for a perfect algorithm. Your time can be more valuably spent elsewhere.


VRBones said...

One of the issues of relying on an RSS reader for the majority of content surfing is that you sometimes miss out on comment gems if you're not careful.

Thanks for the update on the pathfinding, it certainly was an entertaining read (I'd have contributed but it looks like it's thrashed out enough already).

Is there a way google reader (or any reader for that matter) to also track comments for all blogs? I know that some blogs offer a complete RSS feed, and some offer a comment count in the feed, but there doesn't seem to be a consistent method. It's also like trackbacks, sometimes they work and sometimes it's a forgotten feature. I feel I'm missing the "conversation" that has continued either on the site or elsewhere (even twitter) by my participation through RSS.

I guess I'm not satisfied that RSS is giving me the information that *I* want; the conversation.

Andrew Doull said...

If you got to the site and scroll down the right hand side, you'll see under 'Subscribe To' that there's a Google gadget that allows you to subscribe to the comments as well.

But you're right in that there is not a consistent method. In order for Google reader to read something, the blog has to have an RSS feed for whatever you want available.

And I'd love Blogger to get around to provide comments integrated into a web forum - as the comments section is a pale shadow of an adequate web forum interface. I'd also love to be able to repost select articles to and have integrated thread tracking, but that's asking for too much.

VRBones said...

Wow, was that a recent RSS addition or am I going blind?! Thanks, RSS integrated.