Sunday, 7 December 2008

Game On

I just had the pleasure of attending Game On, an exhibition at the State Library of Queensland on gaming - containing if I'm not mistaken virtually every piece of hardware ever used to play computer games on, including the likes of the Magnavox and a DEC PDP-11 running Space War. While I was not able to lose myself playing as long as I wanted due to family commitments, I'm looking forward to returning in early January for a fuller exploration of the exhibits: that is unlimited cabinet and console gaming from a wide selection of arcade and home console systems.

If you're a gamer in Australia or New Zealand, you should make the trek. It's on until the 15th of February.

(I massively enjoyed the few minutes of Warning Forever, a freeware shooter featuring procedurally evolving bosses that I played - well worth a download).


VRBones said...

Yep, I'm planning on taking the family there for a day when we're holidaying down in Brisbane next week.

Was it crowded? If you went this weekend I'd hazard a guess it would have been packed being the 1st weekend of the school holidays.

Andrew Doull said...

Almost empty. Maybe 20 other people there.