Friday 2 January 2009

Angband Variant Relationships

I asked for this on the forums earlier, but I figured you, gentle reader, may appreciate it.

It's a simple diagram detailling the approximate relationship between Angband variants from 2004.
For a more up to date list of Angband variants, feel free to consult the list on roguebasin.

Any suggestion on a robust enough source control system to allow the merging of these code bases in a clean fashion is more than welcome.


Slashie said...

Any suggestion to WHAT?

Have you gone insane? :)

wtanksley said...

Insanity is an occupational hazard here.

The graph appears to be essentially random -- there's very little factual basis to its "heredity" links, and the ordering given creates some strange impressions about the order in which the variants were created. Oh, and SAngband is listed only once, when really it's two distinct variants, one very old and the other relatively recent. DrAngband the same. FrogKnows probably should be a distinct variant for the sake of accurate heredity.

As for version control... Ugh. You'd probably best use one of the decentralized ones, probably git (I prefer Mercurial, but git is better at tracing and inferring changes).