Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Results for 'What trends will roguelikes see in 2009?'; new poll

Thanks to the 64 of you who voted.

More roguelike-likes
25 (39%)
In browser gaming
14 (21%)
Portable gaming
20 (31%)
More complexity
22 (34%)
More releases
15 (23%)
Less releases
7 (10%)
Less complexity
4 (6%)
Roguelike engines/libraries
19 (29%)
User generated content
20 (31%)
Move towards mainstream
5 (7%)
Remain niche market
33 (51%)
More commercial releases
5 (7%)
Less commercial releases
12 (18%)
Stuck in fantasy settings
11 (17%)
Explore other settings
25 (39%)

The new poll asks you how you started playing Angband.


Andrew Doull said...

Please note that the 'Based on JRR Tolkien' answer is correct only if you started looking for roguelikes based on the life of JRR Tolkien, not the works of JRR Tolkien.

Max said...

you attempt to write the hobbit
you fail
you die....
play again?

VRBones said...

My first roguelike was "Larn" on the Amiga, shortly before moving to Uni. I have no idea where I got it from, maybe a magazine cover disk or from a swap meet? I liked it as a game, but it really was a setup for Moria at Uni, which I'd classify as the genesis of my obsession.

tormodh said...

My first touch with roguelikes was from some version of Moria... back when "Internet" was: "An acquaintance of a friend has a modem and access to some BBS'".

Dana said...

I read a review of Moria for the Amiga way back when I still had my C64 in -- I think it was Ahoy! magazine -- and when I finally made the jump to a mighty 286 it was one of the games I sought out.

I found it and some PC version of Hack. Eventually I head about Angband as Moria with more stuff. I can't remember if I played Angband on my 286, or if that had to wait until I had an even beefier machine :P

John Doe said...

My friend got Moria from a BBS and showed it to me. After copying it to my computer and playing for a year or two, I wanted to learn more about how the game worked. I looked up some spoilers; one of the pages linked to Thangorodrim, and that was that.