Friday 9 January 2009

Review: Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 has been an exercise in frustration. I appear to suffering from a disease that prevents me moving over anything knee high or higher, even when I jump; which manifests itself most frequently trying to climb out of boats.

Then there is the complete lack of check point saves.

Unfortunately, I appear to have spent money on something that reviewers somehow liked while failing to mention any of these basic facts.

[Edit as of 20th April 2011: Some 2 years later, I successfully finish this sprawling and brilliant game, which defies first impressions and ends up being one of the most acclaimed and talked about shooters of its time. However I want to preserve this record of my first thoughts of this game].


Jonathan Stickles Fox said...

I think the simplest way to summarize my impressions of Far Cry 2 is that I found it to be a good execution of some poor gameplay choices.

Pod said...

I assume you're playing it on 360 or PS3 if you can't save anywhere? Sucks man :(

Also: I've gotten shot many, many times because I've been trying to jump over something and have instead just been strafing back and forth along it, face grinding into whatever wall is infront of me all whilst bullets rip me to shreds :(

Andrew Doull said...

Pod: Actually PC. It's not that I can't save it anywhere - I shouldn't have to think about saving at all...

VRBones said...

That's an interesting take. The safe houses will almost force you to save, which I was a little annoyed at because it reminded me of console development.

I don't think I've ever complained about being able to save anywhere. It even has quicksave (F5), which for a procedural game is really quick.

I feel your pain about boats, they are a death trap. Front of the boat is the best exit point, but it just shouldn't be that glitchy.