Sunday 29 March 2009

Game Developers Conference 2009

I always enjoy the coverage of the Game Developers Conference every year - I have made a promise to myself that I will attend next year - but this piece from the Experimental Game Sessions caught my eye:

Derek Yu’s closing session was an exploration of roguelikes—procedurally generated dungeon exploration games. “The most exciting things about these games is that each time you play them they are different,” explained Yu, but he found it disappointing that so many roguelikes somehow offer similar experiences, relying on traditional fantasy settings and turn-based, top-down gameplay.

Read the rest at GameSetWatch.


John Doe said...

I know I'm late for the whole "what is a roguelike?" discussion, but I hope I'm not alone in thinking that "random levels + dungeon-ish" doesn't cut it.

Andrew Doull said...

I don't think anyone, least of all Derek Yu, is implying Spelunky is a roguelike.