Saturday, 14 March 2009

Should you email me?

Occasionally people want to email me questions about games and game design, writing and so on. If you do, my email address is with the appropriate substitutions. Please try to avoid the gmail spam filter as I receive enough spam to make it not worthwhile checking the spam traps.

However, unless you're pathologically shy, my recommendation is to post your question in one of the comments here. That way everyone reading this blog can benefit from your intelligent questions and my rambling, off-topic answers.

In that vein, I periodically wonder if I should have web forums for Ascii Dreams - because the comment section is so limiting in many senses. I usually decide against this, because Unangband players are well served by the forums at and roguelike developers by the news group. My attempts at setting up forums for procedural game developers are a less than resounding success.

Any recommendations about online web forum software is welcome.


Hetdegon said...

Actually I am one of those pathologically shy persons.
While I don't have any specific questions, I found your blog recently and devoured entries quickly. I found them very interesting and inspiring, what drove me to actually give it a try and start coding seriously.
I am not a constant player, but enjoyed Unangband considerably, mostly because of the interesting dungeons and unique features. I only miss some more spoilers for it, I am hopeless as a player and still didn't get enough runes to experiment with them :P.

Andrew Doull said...

Thanks - I always appreciate this kind of feedback.

With regards to spoilers, I try to make these automatically generated as much as possible. With 0.6.3 coming up, there should be even more information about things like runes, which your character will remember from game to game.