Sunday 29 March 2009

Todo lists

Outstanding to do list for 0.6.3:

1. Test and finish region code for trap implementations.
2. Runic tattoos.
3. Create fake objects for shape and racial abilities.
4. Replace existing earthquake / destruction code with projection based code (mostly done).
5. Allow auto-activation of artifacts and coatings when the player is struck.
6. End of game dungeons.
7. Release work in progress release.
8. Play test.

To do list for 0.6.4:

1. Implement persistent levels.
2. Algorithmic balancing of spells including thuamaturgic randomised spells and randomised object and artifact activations.
3. Revise load/save code.
4. Start implementing gui based code including gui to term glue.
5. Support for buttons and context menus.
6. Platform support for Nintendo DS.
7. Investigate the use of LLVM.

Anything else?


VRBones said...

> 6. Platform support for Nintendo DS.


Andrew Doull said...

I would have thought that'd be a pretty obvious next step to attempt...

Diego / Kimari / IndigoStatic said...

8. Add cinematics, quick time events, explosions, giant enemies, blood fountains (also called "enemies"), NPCs that spout only one line in the entire game, item storing crates and explosive barrels.
9. Add a love interest and a sex scene.... with another character! DRAMA.

Yep, that's about it. If you manage to include all those things I guarantee you'll be a very rich man... or a burned out, unoriginal, uninspired programmer. I always seem to confuse those two.

[/kidding, of course]

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