Monday 12 April 2010

Roguelike poetry

Given the game is a collection of letters, I would have expected (never)more...

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logos_phobos said...

Here's a quick piece to address the dearth.


Baldly carnal -
stalking ice-slicked hallways,
grappling with the squalid and grotesque,
always ten false steps from a sudden broken neck.

Charmlessly banal -
the same bare sketch sent without rest
from petty death to death,
interred, then yet again exhumed from
menus spread like desert,
hands cramped from cracking open
code passed off as chests.

Now exhausted and entranced,
my cursor wavers,
weighing waning faith
against the fickle taste of chance.
Can I turn away at last,
or must I stay to down this glass
and dance or choke upon its dregs?