Monday, 5 April 2010

Unangband 0.6.4 released

This is the "Once your variant gets a nowhere town, it will never leave" release aka "Wasn't this supposed to be out months ago?"

You can download the source code from You can download a precompiled Windows build from, a pre-compiled Mac OS/X build from A Linux version should be following shortly. [Edit: Now available at - thanks to Mike].

For more details, please see the official website.

I've not spent nearly enough time quashing bugs, but real life has left me pretty drained at the end of the working day. I'm sure my motivation levels will pick up soon enough - just need a little holiday from staring at the source code.

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Alex Phillips said...

Congrats on finally releasing. Don't feel bad about not squashing some bugs - you've already fixed so many that I tried to take a look at and gave up after being complete overwhelmed. Well done!