Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The first rule of Band club

[9:37:22 AM] Andrew Doull: its probably a good thing i had babies screaming at the time that jeff was talking about his ultimate roguelike
[9:37:53 AM] Andrew Doull: because i didn't want to point out that'd explain the fermi paradox
[9:38:24 AM] darrenjohngrey: Uh... it would?
[9:39:08 AM] Andrew Doull: millions of civilisations not travelling into space because someone writes a game too good to not spend every second playing it :)
[9:39:26 AM] darrenjohngrey: (New RL idea - FermiRogue, where you fight an evil Fermi and his various subatomic particles)
[9:39:59 AM] darrenjohngrey: I don't think RLs will ever achieve that  :P
[9:40:09 AM] Andrew Doull: don't be so sure
[9:40:51 AM] Andrew Doull: now would be about the time to explain i belong to a secret centuries old organisation dedicated to preventing such a thing from happening
[9:40:59 AM] Andrew Doull: but of course, no such organisation exists
[9:41:06 AM] darrenjohngrey: Ah, hence your support for band mechanics!
[9:41:12 AM] Andrew Doull: :)
[9:41:14 AM] darrenjohngrey: Trying to make the whole genre unpopular  ;P

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