Friday, 14 October 2011

Something fishy going on

It's not often you see something like this in the Steam patch notes:

  • Dramatic increase in performance for low-level math libraries
I have a hunch that it may be something to do with Ridiculous Fish, a recent (and not so recent) Angband contributor, and a fast maths library he wrote.


Nick said...

Well spotted. RidiculousFish is even more awesome than I thought.

Andrew Doull said...

I'm going to at some point write a vanity post about how people involved in roguelike development tend to be high function, generally awesomely smart people. Take Jeff Lait, who in his day job is Senior Mathematician for a CGI software company.

Antoine said...

Personally I'm an unemployed high school dropout


Unknown said...

Both ADOM and Dwarf Fortress devs have their doctorates.