Thursday, 20 October 2011

Roguelike Radio - Episode 8 (Progression Systems)

Has been up for a short while now at Roguelike Radio. I've been too busying playing bRogue to be posting this in a timely fashion - as you may guess from listening to the podcast. However, it appears that I was not busy enough not to have anything to say. I was also involved in episode 7, on 100 Rogues, which I neglected to post earlier.

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Todd said...

Not an iTunes user but will leave a comment here! The podcast is great... I caught up on episodes 3 through 8 over the course of the week. They have improved quite nicely since the first two. You guys seem to be finding a nice rhythm, which is important for podcasts where people aren't all in the same room. (It's easy to cut someone off when you can't see their face)

I love the discussion on roguelike mechanics but I think the most valuable thing it does is to just highlight good roguelikes!

In a genre where every player is a developer and there are 40 7DRLs released (of which I managed to play only 14!) it is important to have some kind of filter, and to have folks that are willing to put the time into "shining a light" onto deserving titles. Thanks to you guys I've started playing DoomRL, been re-enjoying brogue, and already downloaded frozen depths. What else is out there that people are missing?

Keep it up!