Sunday 11 May 2008

Announcement: Procedural Content Generation Wiki

In what little free time I have at the moment, I've been busy.

A large number of people come to this site looking for information on procedural content generation, and while I'm happy to act as an unreliable source of advice, I know there are greater minds out there than my own. But there is also a gaping hole in the Internet where procedural content generation seems to fall through.

Therefore, I'd like to pre-announce the Procedural Content Generation wiki. This wiki is intended as a home for all things procedurally generated, and over the next few weeks I'll be building up a repository of links and articles that are less focused on what I think PCG is, and more on what the world at large does. You are invited to contribute to what is very much a bare bones project at the moment.

It's also a great opportunity to initiate more of a n-dimensional dialog with you the readers, that the comments section of this blog does not have the ideal design for. That's why in addition to the wiki at large, there is an extensive forums section which you are invited to join and start talking.

I'm always conscious of the balkanisation of the Internet, which is why the forums are intended for discussing about procedural content generation and not necessarily any game in particular. But you may find it as a refuge for the slightly older 8 bit generation, who remember X-Com, Elite and other gaming greats that used these techniques.


Aron Murray said...

Geat idea

Jotaf said...

Yeah I like it too :)

Maybe it's a bit too late, but regarding your post "Unangband Dungeon Gen. #9", you're planning to make Ungoliant so deadly that the player can't possibly beat her? That's cool. But it would be kinda lame if it's just a matter of luck whether you find her or not -- run into her and you're toast.

I just thought of something: if she has a ton of high-range attacks, and the most deadly are also the ones with the smallest range, you'd know she's there well before you even saw her. Reminding me of when Gandalf knew that the Balrog was coming. The closer you are the worse it gets, so I believe most players would never even see her! A truly terrifying experience :)

Mikolaj said...

I she just has lots of HP you can just run away...