Thursday 1 May 2008

Procedural Story Blocks

If you're interested in procedural content generation, you may want to read this interview of Eskil Steenburg by Jim Rossignol on Rock Paper Shotgun. Eskil discusses the concept of building a complex plot up from simple story blocks, much like you'd make sentences from magnetic poetry.


Unknown said...

Interesting interview. The idea of creating an environment where you can create beings, and create relationships between those beings and have them act accordingly is something I've found interesting and toyed with.

Nice blog, by the way.

Dirk Kok said...

I think its great that more and more people are talking about procedural content generation.

I have similar ideas and believe that procedural content, especially in story telling, will play a major role in future games.

Simen said...

Didn't read the interview, as it loads amazingly slow for some reason. To anyone interested in procedural plot generation, I'd recommend reading up on the structuralists. A good place to start (in this particular context), would be Vladimir Propp, who did a systematic breakdown of the "hero's journey" fairy tale structure. Thanks for a beatiful blog, by the way.