Friday, 26 September 2008

Poll results for 'Which Spore phase did you find the most fun?'; new poll

I was a little surprised by the result - thanks to the 39 of you who voted. Suggestions for Spore: The Roguelike are welcome...

Cell / Tidepool
7 (17%)
5 (12%)
2 (5%)
1 (2%)
4 (10%)
Creature Creator
4 (10%)
Pre-release hype
6 (15%)
Post-release bitching
4 (10%)
Unwrapping the box
2 (5%)
9 (23%)
Waiting for the roguelike
20 (51%)

Next up: I'm being lazy, and I'm the top Google result for 'Spore save games'; so I'm sticking with the theme a little longer...


Frostbringer said...

Spore RL sounds strange. But on the other hand I spend far more time on DoomRL then I ever spend on the original game.

At the moment I'm imaging something like Dwarf-Fortress without dwarfes. Maybe with some real evolution, where you can also play some well optimized flies or a bacteria-colony who can kill an elite-monster with a bad immune-system.

At least I can imagine at least 25 absurd ways to kill a character. Loosing ist fun!

Andrew Doull said...

Privateer: ASCII Sector ( is of course the Space stage...