Wednesday 10 September 2008

Results for 'Which articles have you found the most interesting/useful?'; new poll

Thanks to the 31 of you who voted - I always find the feedback to these polls interesting. I think this is telling me to stick to my core speciality (roguelikes) and not branch out too much into other areas... feel free to discuss.

A Technology Bird's Nest
5 (16%)
Being Diplomatic
3 (9%)
Designing a Magic System
27 (87%)
Games are Not Art
5 (16%)
Prince Charming
3 (9%)
Prototype Theory
5 (16%)
Spore: The New Cambrian
4 (12%)
The Democratisation of Game Design
6 (19%)
The Search for Citizen Kane
3 (9%)
Unangband Edit Files
14 (45%)
What is Wrong with Fun?
8 (25%)

Next up: it's more Spore week voting.

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