Friday, 29 January 2010

A kinder, gentler Unangband

The final release of Unangband 0.6.4 will be a much kinder game. This is due to the generous contribution of bigalphillips, fixing a bug that caused spell damage to be grossly over the intended amounts.

I was referencing the wrong field in the monster_race structure when computing the actual spell damage inflicted.

As Al puts it:

Apprentice mages used to use a power of 9 instead of the spell_power of 1 for their spells, causing the major damage.

This makes many dungeon guardians much easier eg. The Dunlending Agent has a power of 28 but a spell_power of only 8, so he'll do about ~third less damage now. :(

I also want to thank Big Al for picking up and fixing so many bugs this week...

[Edit: For those concerned, damage from breath weapons is unaffected].


Alex Phillips said...

Glad to help!

Alex Phillips said...

Oh, and, hm, by "a third less" I meant "a third", which is really "two-thirds less".

T said...

Time to update 'Why are games difficult ?' and add

18. Bugs