Friday, 15 January 2010

A note for the Apprentice

=== A large dried leaf from the front of your first spellbook ===

There are words printed impossibly finely on the inside of this

The challenge of a druid is looking beyond the sparks of lightning
which you can so easily conjure from your finger tips. The spells
you find herein echo the mysteries of nature in their subtlety.
Pay attention to the following useful notes I have made for you:

- Detect Life will find all living things around you. But the
monsters most likely to resist lightning are also the most
likely to be constructed of dead things, undetectable to your
magic. So beware!

- A Dryad's Embrace requires you be next to natural things or
running water and will only transport you to similar areas.
If you are not standing in such a region, attempting to cast
this spell will not cost you time or mana.

- Moonlight does no damage to monsters vulnerable to sunlight,
except for the shards of random starlight it casts around you.
It is, however, more effective at lighting natural areas than
wizardly magics, but less useful in lighting the interiors of
buildings and rooms.

- Find Water will locate nearby sources of water, as well as
cause a spring to bubble up under you which may flood the area
nearby. You'll find this useful to assist a number of druidic
magics that rely on the presence of running water. But also:

- Lightning Spark, in fact all electrical attacks, do twice the
damage if the target is standing in water. Cold and frost
attacks are likewise improved, but the potency of acid and fire
attacks are halved in the same situation.

- Stinging a target may initially appear less effective than
your Lightning Sparks. But in a situation when you are running
low on mana, a well delivered set of stings will be a much more
efficient use of this resource against a single target.

- Warping Wood may initially appear to provide little use beyond
breaking open doors and wooden objects. But a cunning druid will
note that arrows are made of wood, and archers are much more
vulnerable with their ammunition depleted.

You will need to master a reliable path of escape should trouble
ensue - scrolls of Phase Door may assist you in this regard.

- Radagast the Brown

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