Thursday, 14 January 2010

Wooden you?

In careless disregard of the physical axioms of the universe, I included a Wooden golem in the pre2 release that failed to be, and I quote 'lumbering'.

Since it is required by one of the fundamental forces that all Wooden golems are lumbering, the pre2 release had some subtle but important bugs - one of which manifested itself straight away as being unable to cast the only spell that both competition characters had in common.

So instead of doing another release within 24 hours, I've just silently updated the source and Windows binaries - the OS/X pre2 binary is also now available with these fixes included. Please download again if you've already downloaded the pre2 release. My apologies.

You'll be happy to notice that I've included a section in the character dump which now lists the deepest unique killed.

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