Thursday 14 January 2010

Unangband Competition 81 & 82: Master vs Apprentice

It's time for another Angband competition featuring Unangband. The Angband competition is part of the celebration of Angband and variants that is run every month by the maintainer of FAAngband, Nick. I've decided to mix things up a little by running two simultaneous competitions, with an overall winner chosen from all the entries.

Unlike most roguelike competitions, the Angband competition works on an honesty system - you play a shared save file and see how well you can do. To enter, download the save file from either this page, or this page and start playing. You can also follow the competition thread at but be aware most of the competition discussion occurs on the competition ladder entries - so be sure to upload your character on an ongoing basis, and rename the character before you upload if you want your earlier entries to be listed separately.

The competition is "Master vs Apprentice". Winner in least number of active turns (Act Turn on the character sheet) . If no winner, deepest unique killed, but Mirest receives a bonus of +5 levels depth when calculating this.

Mirest will need wands of spark to survive early on, Aspir scrolls of phase door. It is possible to do a conventional mage build with these once you survive the early game and start finding the dungeon books. But by then you may have grown to appreciate the strengths of each speciality by that time.

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VRBones said...

Think I mentioned it before, but it would be great if one the *bands could automatically upload to a site like ook. Just ask the player on character generation if they have an oook account and upload each time you save / quit / notetake.

Once the linking code is done, you may as well bring in highscores too for other people playing the same variant ;). Nothing gets the competitive juices flowing more than a highscore table (except, of course, an actual competition .. uhh, time to go...)