Monday 10 December 2007

Results for 'What portable devices that you own would you play roguelikes on?'; new poll

The results were:

Nintendo DS
16 (50%)
Playstation Portable (PSP)
5 (15%)
Game Boy Advance
6 (18%)
2 (6%)
Nokia N800
1 (3%)
Nokia S60 series phone
1 (3%)
Any Java capable cellphone
8 (25%)
Sharp Zaurus
0 (0%)
Other Linux-based portable
3 (9%)
Other (answer in comments)
4 (12%)

The clear winner was the Nintendo DS, with Java capable cellphones following up.

Those of you with Nintendo DS's may want to refer to John Harris' excellent overview of playing 'Homebrew Roguelikes on the Nintendo DS'. And for those of you with Java capable cellphones, you'll probably want to have a look at Dweller, the roguelike for cellphones.

Next poll: 'Which roguelike settings would you like to see more of?'


Ravious said...

I went out and bought a M3 for my DS just because of @play's article on playing roguelikes via the DS.

I hope that more roguelike developers look at ports.

New Alexandria said...

someone please make an iPhone port! =D