Monday 24 December 2007

Results for 'What roguelike settings would you like to see more of?'; new poll

I really enjoyed coming up with ideas for this poll, and I'm glad to see so many (77) of you enjoyed responding to it.

The results were:

High fantasy
17 (22%)
22 (28%)
25 (32%)
31 (40%)
Lovecraftian horror
18 (23%)
7 (9%)
Space opera
20 (25%)
Hard science fiction
29 (37%)
15 (19%)
Giant robot combat
13 (16%)
14 (18%)
21 (27%)
Feudal Japan
19 (24%)
21 (27%)
14 (18%)
High school
9 (11%)
14 (18%)
22 (28%)
8 (10%)

I'd love to know what the 'Other' responses were out there.

I also cross-posted the results early on to, where you can read the responses if you want.

This poll was a deliberate clarion call to existing or wannabe roguelike developers who are writing yet another fantasy roguelike (YAFR). In particular, there looks like a 'huge' pent up demand for a post-apocalyptic or hard science fiction roguelike out there. If you are not worried about having to come up with your magnum opus as a first game, but just want to get something out there and have other people play it, consider setting it in one of the above scenarios instead, to make it stand out from the 'crowd'.

Next poll: 'What was your roguelike of the year 2007?' Candidates must have had a release in 2007 to date - hopefully that'll cut down on the list I have to assemble.

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Fabian Trunz said...

Superhero Roguelikes!