Saturday 19 January 2008

I've been outclassed

Okay you guys - you've won. Through mass voting for a poll question 'Choose a class' you've driven me to concede. I mean, it's threatening to become the most popular poll ever.

My original plan was to explain how the question 'Choose a class' at the start of the game essentially is meaningless to a player, and that by asking it, you're asking them to play a mini-game called 'look at and ask around on the forums', which takes place outside of your control as a game-designer. I mean, I've already made it clear I'm no big fan of classes.

To this end, I designed the choose a class poll game, which featured some hidden information about the poll including how to score points. I'll leave that for you to figure out for the rest of the week, if you're still interested. This would have created a set of haves, and have nots, and hopefully some gaming of the poll questions to show that the actual choices you were making were less important than the underlying game rules.

It did get some of you to pick 'tailor' though...

So why did you pick your class choice?

And will you complain if I nerf roboticist?

(A big thanks to everyone who made the effort to play)


Robert said...

Oh ... I just picked my multi-class because I am a John Le Carre fan, and it seemed you were, too.

smolin said...

I chose Thief because I'd like to see an Angband where a strategy other than "kill everything" is viable. I'm new to Un, so I haven't tried it there yet, but the skills *bands are the closest I've seen: Sangband and sCthangband (one of my favorites, along with Kamband).

As for the "choose a class" poll, I tried to read everything you posted about it, but I never saw anything that gave me an entry in the "game". I never figured out where people were coming up with their "score", for example. Perhaps I'm just not observant (which may explain my lack of success with *band).