Wednesday 30 January 2008

Temple of the Bamlike

Temple of the Roguelike, who in a previous statement of brotherly love referred to Ascii Dreams as 'our sister site', has changed it's name. This follows revelations on gamesquarter and publicised by TIGSource that there is a roguelike that pre-dates Rogue: Beneath Apple Manor.

While I applaud Slash's integrity in making this decision, I feel that he's premature in assigning Beneath Apple Manor primacy in inspiring the genre of games we develop.

Henceforth, Ascii Dreams will be renamed Blocky Dreams, and will be found at Blocky Dreams will be centred on discussion of the ponglike genre, and the critical relevance of ponglikes to the games community at large.

In other news, development of JADE, Thomas Biskup's follow-up to ADOM has begun. You can read his development blog for further details.

1 comment:

Nick said...

I really think you've only scratched the surface with ponglikes. The concept of getting the biggest thing you can swing and hitting everything you see with it (which, lets face it, is what roguelikes are all about) clearly goes back to prehistoric times. I propose the term neanderthallike, or even (for the minimalist) ughlike.