Thursday 31 January 2008

Results for 'Which character generation method do you prefer?'; new poll

This poll may have been a little over the top in terms of choices. 75 of you took the time to answer though. The only real conclusion I can draw from the answers is people prefer to make less complicated choices to more complicated ones.

The results were:

Character completely anonymous
9 (12%)
Pre-generated amnesiac e.g. Planescape: Torment
6 (8%)
Pre-generated archetype e.g. Half-Life
6 (8%)
Pre-generated character e.g. Metal Gear Solid
7 (9%)
Choose from several pre-generated characters
5 (6%)
Choose name
33 (44%)
Choose appearance
29 (38%)
Choose background or plot arcs
19 (25%)
Randomly generate background or plot arcs e.g. Traveller
22 (29%)
Choose career, class and/or race at start
31 (41%)
Choose skills, abilities and/or powers at start
22 (29%)
Spend money on equipment at start
17 (22%)
Choose which skills/career to advance
25 (33%)
Don't make choices at the start; but have decision points early in the game
19 (25%)
Don't make choices at the start; but have decision points later in the game
15 (20%)
No explicit stats
9 (12%)
No stat variation
9 (12%)
Pre-generated stats
4 (5%)
Point assigned stats
24 (32%)
Random stats
16 (21%)
Answer questions to decide stats
12 (16%)
Generate one main character + group with pre-generated characters
11 (14%)
Generate multiple characters to form a group
11 (14%)
4 (5%)

The next poll is one of my semi-regular 'Tell me what you think of my writing' type polls. The links to the articles are accessible below the poll.

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