Sunday 13 January 2008

Unangband competition results; new competition

The Unangband competition is over. The winner listed on the competition results was Bandobras, my co-developer. However, controversy abounds.

I mentioned previously that the deepest unique killed so far was Smaug, a level 55 monster, and the eventual winner was only successful in killing Beorn the Shape-Changer, a level 38 monster. It appears that the character doing so was not only successful in killing themselves in a tragic spell-casting accident, but the spell backfired so badly it erased the character save file.

You can keep following the latest competition, which is with a Steamband character - a game that I reviewed previously, or submit your own success and/or failure stories to the Unangband ladder. Remember, the point of the competition is participation and challenging yourself. Of course, the glory of submitting a winning entry is quite a nice icing on the cake.

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