Thursday 17 January 2008

Press ? for help

Your class determines a number of important factors in the game.

The length of your class name determines your in-game magic factor, which can be used immediately to cast spells or retained as an accumulating psychic multiplier.

The number of letters between the first and last vowel in your class name determines your starting gold, but inversely for your personality factorisation. For the purposes of this rule and rule 7, y is counted as a vowel on odd-numbered days.

Soldiers have a special vulnerability to blue imps that can be countered by multi-classing with politicians.

Picking the other class can boost your initial score early in the game, but is not recommended as a long term strategy.

In a three or more larger player group, the scientist class can accumulate both buffs and de-buffs for a diurnal period.

Here's how help works:

Every day I'll check how many people have voted for 'Press ? for help'. If I see that it's more than 10, I'll provide a help file. But you only get a score of 0 voting for this voting option, so it's not an optimal voting choice - unless you want to help other people playing the game.


Unknown said...

I think I have a 92, based on my selection of Paraphysicist.

Andrew Doull said...

That's great - nice score.

At least two people have realised I'm not (completely) insane...

tormodh said...

As always, when trying out a new game with that option, I went with "Wizard". I scored 99, mainly because I had to fight other people for the spell scrolls.

It was hard with so little gold and magic power, but at least I have a personality. :)

Tormod. ;)