Monday 14 January 2008

We're fresh

It looks like we've got enough bug reports to work through in order to be able to produce a more stable beta of 0.6.2, thanks to more people playing the game.

So I'm looking at the options to get Unangband distributed more widely. I've added the project details to Freshmeat. I'll be creating a PAD file shortly, and using one of a number of automatic PAD submission tools to get the Windows executable out to all the scum-sucking bottom feeders who distribute free software and make advertising revenue of off it (Apologies in advance to anyone who genuinely uses PAD files to make free software available).

Recently I noticed an increase in traffic from who mentioned an Unangband OS/X release (It's in Japanese - if anything intersting was said, I'd love a translation). Which leads me to ask for those of you who distribute roguelikes what other sites do you recommend. Are there any other free software feeds like Freshmeat that are worth exploring? Should I be pushing up Unangband to CNet or another large software aggregator? Other thoughts?

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