Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Edge awards

The game that has done the most to challenge expectations of what a game is, and to establish new standards of game excellence.

Last year has been an amazing year, with two new consoles, the Xbox 360 bedding down, the DS and PS2 still demonstrating

The last year did the most to show the variety that games can now demonstrate.

Nominees are:

Bit Generations - this is 7 individual games that only came out in Japan and have since been discontinued. Edge never reviewed them.

Canis Canim Edit - the rough ride it had on release was a bit unfair because Rockstar have the ability to bring popular culture from outside of games into games.

Dead Rising - one of the best movie re-imagining in videos games despite the fact its totally unofficial. One of the first games to generate what the next generation can do.

Defcom - another one that re-imagines a movie. An amazing way of telling very horrific stories through abstract game mechanics. You play it making brutally pragmatic decisions around the lose of millions of lives. An amazing independently produced game.

Final Fantasy XII - like the one for its ability to revolutionise a series of game and somehow turn around its very focused genre. Able to let players experiment and express how players like to play.

Okami - a very beautiful game but also brings the style into the game as well. A wonderfully accessible game.

Test Drive Unlimited - an amazing sensation of driving on real roads and a great racing model but when your online, other cars on the road can be real players.

Wii Sports - everyone has either had or heard stories about playing this video game over Christmas and about new ways of interacting with games.

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