Monday 13 August 2007

Live blog - What am I worth? (part ii)

(Was just a quick overview of market position of games and games companies)

(Matt Rothman:) We're keen to understand how quickly a company can get out of Europe. Its a big market, but its not big enough for Wall Street. We look at game development from the casual games point of view with portals and telcos as the natural customers. As investors, we are always looking at the exit strategy.

(Overview of China)
The video game market in China rose 68% to $995 million, subscriptions make up 70% of that.
Forecast to exceed $1.3 billion in 2008. The Internet is the driver: people are not sitting
at home with consoles, they are in giant Internet cafes. Broadband penetration is driving the online games blow out.

While outsourcing is currently important in China, the groundswell out there is in original IP e.g. Ultizen which is a blended model of outsourcing and original IP for games.

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