Monday 13 August 2007

MMOGs won at 23%

Mobile games 22%.

Chris: "[The results] look fairly intelligent from my read. I'm relieved that it looks so flat across all the categories."

2nd question: Which genre of games will experience the biggest relative growth in revenue during 2008.

I should note that I don't have time to vote on these.

Biggest is virtual worlds (second life type games) at 45%.

About 130 people are voting for stats people out there.

I think everyone is laughing at the length of the 3rd question.

What % of game publishing revenues do you expect to come from 'digital online monetization by 2010). And there's a big disclaimer following it.

Apparently digital music downloads are 20% at the moment.

(Aside: Note sure I like these voting questions now).

Over 50% of the people believe that 30% or more revenue will come from 'dom' by 2010. So this bodes well for steam, xbox live and other types of online distribution/transaction systems.

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