Wednesday 22 August 2007


Apparently the real way to set up a games blog is to get the best writers in the games industry writing about games and have lots of pictures. That's what Game Tap and Rock Paper Shotgun both think, at least.

Luckily Game Tap managed to stuff it up by being so obnoxious to use on any platform other than Windows and Internet Explorer, that I've decided to remove them from my links section. I'm not sure about Rock Paper Shotgun though. They sneakily advertised on Eurogamer, have writers I like reading, and their Shotgun vs. Paper strategy is good enough to stop you being able to play the 2nd game in a best of 3 match.

Anyone interested in writing on roguelike game-design, feel free to drop me a line. As for the pictures, I'm in art discussions with the creator of xkcd.

And while we're at it, when is the next issue of the Roguelike magazine coming out?

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