Tuesday 28 August 2007

The Mushroom Dialogs - Part II

Please start with part one. I've removed the ASCII art accompanying this. You can find the original here.

=== An Authoratative Guide to Mushrooms - Part II ===

=== The White Mushroom ===

Pictured here, the White Mushroom can be
found in chilly caves and cellars in the
Hobbiton region. While I cultivate some
of these for professional reasons in my
Nearby farm, you should not attempt to
trespass as this is one of the many
dangerous varieties of mushroom I keep
in my cellars.
The White Mushroom is also known as
Agaricus refrigeratus due to the chilling
effect that its spores has. I am
investigating the use of this mushroom
for the preservation of food, in particular
Mrs Maggot's best pie dinners.

You can find out about more mushrooms by purchasing my authorative
and illustrated guide (in colour) which will soon be available from
my publishing agents at a very reasonable price.

- Mr Maggot Esq.

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