Friday, 24 August 2007

Speculative table of MGS bosses

Anyone simply comparing the bosses between the bosses in MGS1 and MGS4 based on the similarity of their names should well do to read the following formal analysis of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, particularly the analysis of the boss fights. Pay attention to the fact that Hideo Kojima likes to mess with your expectation of boss fights, and has done so since the original MGS1 fights.

Of course, no mention of the similarities could be complete without my own wild speculation. Its worth noticing that MGS2 had the least bosses in the series and MGS3 delivered more fights but possibly less variety (only 1 vehicle based fight). Much of the MGS1 and MGS2 speculative connections are elabourated more fully in the above analysis and I've only jammed them roughly into tabular form.

I'm sure you can argue for different positions for many of these. You could, for instance, swap the positions of the Sorrow and the End: I've placed them where they are because of the emotional association suggested by the Sorrow and Crying Wolf, but the End probably deserves the place better due to the connection with sniper-based fights, and the Sorrow with Decoy Octopus through the association of fights that don't really happen.

Metal Gear Solid

MGS2: Sons of Liberty

MGS3: Snake Eater

MGS4: Guns of the Patriots

Psycho Mantis


The Pain

Screaming Mantis

Decoy Octopus

The End

Laughing Octopus

Vulcan Raven


The Fury

Raging Raven

Sniper Wolf

Vamp (2nd fight)

The Sorrow

Crying Wolf

Revolver Ocelot

Vamp (1st fight)


Revolver Ocelot

Liquid Snake

Solidus Snake

The Boss

Gray Fox

Olga Gurlukovich

The Fear


Harrier Jet


Metal Gear Rex

Metal Gear Ray


[Edit: Anyone for speculation on the additional boss fights in MGS4? I can definitely tell you that Hideo is going to be doing stuff with surround sound in these boss fights. You can't name them Screaming/Laughing/Crying/Raging without considering the aural aspect in the boss fights.

Hunch will be Crying Wolf will be an arena fight like Vulcan Raven and Fatman, but where you have to track Crying Wolf by its cries - probably because it moves too fast to follow by sight.

And this leaked video of a MGS4 boss fight only confirms my speculation.]

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