Monday 13 August 2007

Pre-session warmup

All the delegates / speakers / press are standing around wondering if the scottish will ever learn how to make a good coffee. I'm in the people with laptops section at the moment - mine's small and white, everyone else's is big and black. Didn't realise it was quite this possible to suffer laptop envy. I'm also the only person here wearing shorts - not sure if people realise its the middle of the summer here in Edinburgh.

Looking forward to the first speaker, Yves Guillemot, who I'm going to refer to as Y from now on. I'll try to get a question in about the cost of content: 'Ubisoft are world leaders in reducing the cost of content by publishing acros across multiple platforms. How else are you focused in reducing the cost of game content: improving developer toolchains, user generated content, procedural content etc'?

I hope he doesn't notice I'm damning him with faint praise - take that for releasing so much badly ported rubbish so far for the Wii.

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