Tuesday 28 August 2007

The Mushroom Dialogs - Part III

Please start with part one then read part two.

=== An Authoratative Guide to Mushrooms - Postscript ===

For the would-be adventurous types, who would endeavour to visit
my farm uninvited, trespass in my cellars and steal Mrs Maggot's
best pies, please note that I have secured an additional guard
dog to accompany Grip and Fang on their wide-ranging, ravenous
and otherwise unwelcoming run of my property.

I've not yet thought of a suitable name for him. My initial
thoughts were Tinkerbell, but he seems a little more feral than
the others and perhaps something closer to his beastial nature
is appropriate.

I am also offering a reward for the capture, injury or otherwise
hindrance of one M.B. and his accomplice P.T. who seem to have
taken a liking to my mushrooms out of proportion to the regards
of their own physical wellbeing and safety.

- Mr Maggot Esq.

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